Effective, Ethical Advocacy for Over 3 Decades . . .

Whether you like to call it giving back, or paying it forward, I think it is important to recognize how truly blessed I am to live in the greatest country in the world (and, for me, the nicest state), and so I try to find ways to contribute to society and improve the world around me, in some small fashion.  

For me it starts in the local community where I live with my wife Rebeca (Ruiz) Barclay, in vibrant and beautiful Scottsdale. 

Here are some of the ways in which I try every day to pay it forward, through active participation in community activities. . .

Arizona Agricultural Employment Relations Board

Public Member, since 2009

Chair, since 2010 

Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association

Board Member, since 2007

Member, Government Affairs Committee, since 2012 

Beverage Alcohol Community Information Council

Secretary, since 2008

Board Member, since 2008

Wholesale Beer Association Executives

Board Member, since 2007

President, 2016

Grand Canyon State Games

Past Board Member and Pro-Bono Legal Counsel

March of Dimes - Arizona Chapter

Board Member, 2000-2008

Chair, Annual Board Giving Campaign

Arizona Forward Association

Past Board Member, 2005-2010

Vice Chair, 2007-2010

Chair, Annual Luncheon Committee, 2008

Member, Citizen Advisory Team, Loop 202, Arizona Dept. of Transportation, 2008-2010